Be the FIRST to be paid for your insurance claim, not the LAST. Remember, Hurricane MICHAEL devastated portions of Florida and the insurance companies will be hit hard. With limited funds, you need to make sure your claim is a priority. Let Janssen Siracusa move your claim forward immediately by contacting us today. Our legal team has vast insurance experience and ample staff to make you feel like you are a concierge client. Don’t wait, Call our Panama City Office Today! 850-418-6112

Most property insurance covers damage caused by wind and wind-driven rain, which generally includes your roof, windows and some interior damage. At Janssen Siracusa , we will timely submit your claim for the same price as an insurance estimator. We offer competitive rates, personalized service by friendly people all of whom live and work in the community, and a flexible approach that can be tailored to meet the individual needs of any potential client. Janssen Siracusa typically handle commercial property cases on a “no recovery, no fees” contingency basis where we charge 10% + costs for prosecuting the claim up to litigation. This involves submission of the claim to the insurer, investigation of the claim by professional adjusters, roofers, engineers and contractors, and ultimate resolution of the claim on terms you agree to.

While most claims are resolved without having to file a formal lawsuit, should the insurance company fail to promptly pay your claim or acts in bad faith, then the skilled lawyers at Janssen Siracusa will handle those cases on a contingency basis at the usual and customary contingency rates approved by the Florida Bar. For those clients that do not desire a contingent fee option, we offer competitive hourly rates.


If you have already submitted your own claim, here is a list of signs to look for when determining whether to escalate your claim to Janssen Siracusa :


• Make any false statements about what your policy covers?
• Offer to pay or pay you less than your damaged property was worth?
• Deny your claim on the basis of pre-existing damage?
• Deny your claim on the basis of failure to maintain the property?
• Fail to send an adjuster, or send an unqualified adjuster?
• Unreasonably delay paying your claim?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then do not delay, call Janssen Siracusa today and get their qualified and professional staff working for you as a priority. Let us put our nearly 60 years of collective experience to work for you in achieving the maximum possible recovery for any property that suffered losses from Hurricane MICHAEL.