October 1, 2019 – Lawyer Monthly

John Siracusa provides an overview of what a complex dispute entails and the key issues clients may face when they bring a case forward to Lawyer Monthly. John also touches on why ADR is not always the best option and how to protect commercially sensitive information during a dispute.

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June 11, 2012 – Pahokee Charitable Event

Pahokee, Florida. The 58 minute ride from West Palm Beach to Pahokee is not long enough to prepare you for what you will experience. It is hard to imagine that Pahokee is a part of the affluent Palm Beach County. As in most urban neighborhoods, poverty, dismay and hopelessness abound. The soil in Pahokee is rich, both in the ground and in the hearts of the men, women, boys and girls. The need is great. Our hearts are broken for the innocent children who are victims of what seems to be an endless cycle of poverty. Our contribution to a 1 week camp to help these children see glimpses of God and my savior, Jesus Christ, is the very least we can do. We continue to support Pahokee year long with both financial and other basic needs.

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