Professional Experience

Skipper Turk’s expertise is in Executive Management, but for him, the title is multifaceted to include connecting, assisting, and providing solutions for clients who need commercial, residential, or maritime legal assistance.

For more than 15 years, Skipper has facilitated successful solution sales in the information technology industry as well as healthcare and telecommunications. One of his strengths has been in being proactive with competitive strategies that earn customer and partner loyalty. He’s enthusiastic about bringing this energy to Janssen, Siracusa & Keegan PLLC where he will focus on customers who are fighting big insurance companies in order to find solutions for undervalued claims.

Skipper was raised in Bay County, but has been away for several years working within the Research Triangle of North Carolina. As a Leadership Bay graduate, he is excited to be back in the city he calls “home.” He graduated from FSU in 1993 with a degree in Social Sciences, which makes him an ideal choice when you’re looking for a person who loves helping people.

One former client said this of Turk: “Skipper has always impressed me with his ability to bring knowledge to the table on any project I put in front of him. In fact, we often held off on project planning until we ‘Met with Skipper’ to see who else was doing the project; what was working and what wasn’t; and who and what he had in his ‘tool box’ that could help us.”

Skipper doesn’t believe in finding just one solution, but rather looks at problems from all angles to present various options for consideration. For him, customers come first, because ethics is not something you can sell, but rather is what he can do for you – the customer – with integrity.

As the father of three sons, Skipper enjoys the outdoors, geology, and history.


B.S. Florida State University